Retaining Walls

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I used natural stone to build retaining walls for 25 years.  The current availability of tumbled CMU Concrete Masonry Units  AKA modular walls are very attractive, don't waste material, and are relatively easy to build. I can design your retaining walls with you in 3D!
Burch have been clients and friends for 20+ yrs and we are having fun again!  We used allanblock for these walls because they are readily available, inexpensive, and easy to use.  We had to saw some of them to make small radius curves and 90 degree corners.
Rampart wall  These are larger than the Castlewall retainer wall blocks Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU).
Natural stone retaining walls
Natural stone walls, patio and fountain
Natural stone retaining walls and waterfalls
Natural stone sitting walls fountain and arbor
lKeystone Website retaining walls

Retaining Wall details in a PDF format.

< 3D model of natural stone mountain path on steep mountainous slope

> 3D model of mountain estate spanning a mountain stream inserted into Google Earth.

Pisa2 retaining wall Celtic retainer wall AKA retaining wall by belgardr Ashlar grey and steps

AB stones Allan block Ashlar Allan Block Ashlar blend
Ashlar blend AB rocks    

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