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Avondale Mills analysis and subdivision design
Location Aspect Slope Soils vegetation
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lots roads phase1 lots phase2  
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Other Land planning projects

Masterplan for a proposed country club in West Athens, GA for I overlay NASA satellite photos, and USGS topographical maps on your plat, print to scale, and bring it with me to our 1st onsite appointment. After we discuss your goals, I can usually create a concept siteplan in an hour or so.  I have software to interpolate the USGS contour map with 20 ft contour intervals into a 3D contour model with 1ft intervals.

hidden_falls.gif (65127 bytes)

Preliminary Subdivision design in Hull, GA

Twin Lakes private estate and recreation
van drunen country club.jpg (31620 bytes)

Preliminary design   I overlaid USGS topographical contours onto an aerial photograph.  This helped me create the preliminary design that I used to lay out the clearing. I saved the owner a small fortune by only clearing 5 acres for the entire recreation and home areas.

vandrunen masterplan.jpg (57463 bytes)

Final Design  After the clearing, I laid out the house, tennis court, basketball court, baseball diamond, swimming pool, pavilion, and picnic area.  I called a surveyor to measure the land, trees, and the markers that I had placed. I converted this data into an accurate Masterplan that is ready for grading details, planting, irrigation, and lighting designs.

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