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3D landscape design using GIS aerial photos and GIS topography to create surface model and simulate landscape design and grading.

I will build a 3D model of your new property and home so that we can walk around together online within the model for the purpose of designing your swimming pool and landscaping.  I can create the model in less time than traveling to your location, which doesn't preclude a site visit if we decide it would be worthwhile. To that end, I need:

  • survey with contour lines or the best available information showing your property lines, such as the GIS shown below.
  • Main level floor plan + basement plan if there is one
  • 4 side elevations if they are available.
  • If the building(s) are at least framed, I would like to have images of each facade and each corner taken from a distance far enough to capture the entire building in a single image.

<Gwinnett county GIS aerial photo with topo

>Gwinnett county GIS topo without aerial photo

<3D landscape design showing before and proposed

>3D landscape design visualization using 3D model overlay over before panorama.

3D site plan

Estate masterplan


3D landscape design swimming pool outdoor kitchen deck patio home renovation

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