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Landscape Design Online Anywhere, Anytime, or Local in metro Atlanta, GA and 316 E. to Athens, GA, or up to 4hr drive to GA, SC, NC, AL, TN, or anywhere Non-stop Flight from ATL  Sitemap  Design_Process  Design_Online   Presentations  Waterfalls  Swimming_Pools  Waterfalls  Decks  Landscape Lights  Tennis  Equestrian Estate  Horse_Farm Mansion  Retaining_Walls  Project1  Project2  Project3  3D_Estate1  3D_Estate2  GIS to landscape plan  Resume Fees Email  FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION!  I will answer your questions and demonstrate my unique skills and tools. We will virtually fly over your property and drive along your street , while we discuss your needs, and my fitness to serve you.


Welcome to my Internet based 3D design studio where we can work together anywhere in the world without travel expense!   Your project doesn't have to be large to be fun.  I enjoy uniqueness and thrive on a challenge!

If you haven't done so already, please see design process.

My unique online design tools and techniques allow you to see your design developed right before your eyes as we discuss your needs and preferences.  Midge asked "What do I need to do to connect with you?"  I will send you an email invitation to join my online meeting, and call you for the voice portion of the meeting. I will have both of my computers in the meeting, so we can switch back and forth between looking at images of your yard, and my sketchpad computer which will have your plat displayed. (See Submittals) I will give both of us control of my mouse pointer, keypad, and sketching tools. You will enjoy your new toys, and within a moment assimilate this cutting edge technology as transparent and natural as a box of crayons.  As I develop an understanding of your needs and desires,  we will sketch your plan while we talk.  You are probably wondering why everyone isn't designing this way.  I had a 30 year head start.  See (Resume)  Some will try to copy some of my methods, but they can't, because they don't know how.  My combination of tools, skills, and techniques are revolutionary and make me uniquely qualified to work with you to resolve your most challenging issues and merge our ideas into unique solutions.  Distance is no longer an impediment to our communication.
Sketch of 1st meeting Hardscape plan traced in AutoCAD 2nd online meeting revisions. sketch plants on hardscape plan final planting plan labeled (2 phases)

It all starts with your complementary, no obligation demonstration.

  • Let me know the best day/time when you can spare 20 minutes for me to demonstrate the state of the art in landscape design, collaboration, and visualization.  All you need is a broadband Internet connection and a telephone.  I have a national calling plan, so there is no cost to you.

Before 1st Online Design Meeting

  • Scan your plat (survey) at a resolution of 200 dpi in GIF format see submittals for details. See submittals

  • Take snapshots of your project area.  We will need panoramas before our1st design meeting.

  • Email scans and digital photographs

2nd Online Design Meeting

  • Show you your plan, discuss the design intent with you.

  • Answer your questions, and resolve any issues that have come to mind since our first meeting.

  • Mark up the drawing for modifications, and further detail.

  • I may show you additional images to further illustrate my design intent.

  • PayPal is a convenient way to pay my 2nd fee* by check or credit card. (See below)

*Before our second meeting, I will have spent some time working out details of my design concepts that we agreed to during our first meeting. The $200 fee includes 2 hours of  preparation time and a one hour second meeting.  Additional time is billable @ $70/hr. See Fees

3D Modeling

  • If your project and budget justify the added expense, a 3D model is the best way to develop, collaborate, and represent our design.

  • There is no better way to design than interactive 3D.  There is no better way to design interactively than my unique online design process.

  • Please see examples of 3D models in previous projects.

  • Presentations, 3d Masterplan, Burch, Frank, Tennis, GIS, Collins

Finalize your plan

  • I will finish your plan and label it with names and numbers of plants that are appropriate to your region.   Send me an availability list from your local nursery for your convenience.

  • I will email your final plan in DWF or PDF format for you approval. See plans.

  • You may browse my plant catalogue to see pictures and brief descriptions.

  • Upon your approval, and payment of my Final fee**, I will mail you 2 hard copies of your plan.

  • Sign up for a  PayPal account if you like.  Otherwise, your credit card will do.

Official PayPal Seal

 ** Includes up to 3 hrs.  Excess time billable @ $70/hr.

Thank you again for all your help. You are wonderful! Julie M. Broomfield, CO

Mr. Childers, I find your idea to merge the internet with landscaping to be brilliant. R.B. Haynes

Hi David,  I like the idea of servicing your clients remotely, even if just for the cost-saving aspects. But how do approach the actual construction oversight? I live in Miami and one of the hardest things about doing business here is coordinating good labor which is why I'd rather hire someone to do the whole thing from design to implementation. Can you just give me at quick overview?      Thanks, Jeff Jones

Jeff:  In the past several years since I converted to online design, many visitors have asked for details, so I added them.  Now, it seems, I have too much detail.  Thank you for the opportunity to condense my service structure into the following executive summary.

I was in the design/build business for 25+ years, so I am intimately aware that the proof of the design is in the finished project.  However, the finished project can't be better than the design.  My design/visualization process is the best ever invented for moderate to high-end budgets.  Construction details, construction management, and construction supervision are separate issues.  I am qualified to do them all, but I don't always.

DESIGN- If you agree, we will work together to develop your ideas into a cohesive design using my unique skills and tools to create study model(s) to explore alternatives. 

VISUALIZATION- I can overlay the proposed 3D model onto panorama image(s).  No one else can do this. From this point, I am happy to continue, or hand off to your local architect(s) or contractor(s). 

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS- If you agree, I will take the 3D model back to AutoCAD for the next level of refinement including staking plans, planting plans, lighting plans, etc.  Again; Hand off, or continue.

NEGOTIATIONS-  If you agree, I will assist you in finding qualified contractor(s). Again; hand off or continue.

INSPECTION(S) AND SUPERVISION If you agree, I will periodically inspect the project and approve payment(s) see fees.htm

Sorry I do not have high speed internet, I live in a rural area and have access to dial up only which uses the same line as the telephone.  Is there anyway I can stumble through the online design by myself? CJ in CA

CJ:  The demonstration only takes a few minutes and is for the purpose of showing you how my unique online design service works, and answer your questions related to the process.  I make a peer to peer connection with your computer, so you can see my screen, and other revolutionary techniques.  I will show you examples from other online projects I am working on. If you chose to hire me as your landscape designer, we will address your project during a design meeting, You need a high speed Internet connection and a telephone line for the demonstration. Since you don't have broadband at home, you can take a cell phone to your local library and use their computer.  There is nothing to install, so you don't have anything to worry about.

Hey David: I have seen the website - it ROCKS!!!  I will scan the plat and send it to you ASAP. I am not in a great BIG hurry - but my yard looks sooooooooo bad - my neighbors may burn my house down in anger. Talk to you soon - Sis

" Hi David,  Your landscaping talents are exceptional!  The creativity and design in the photos on your website reflect the same goals and end result that I am seeking for my own home.  I have a large white colonial house on 2 acres in Central Virginia..." Judy

Hi David, ...I took a look around your website and you have a really ingenious service that is compatible with the Internet, something that many people value...Noah N. Phoenix AZ

I have software that includes plant pictures and search criteria including your climate zone.  There is no substitute for multiple year experience with plant specie performance in your own area.  It will export lists to excel.  I recommend you run our list by an experienced local nurseryman. You should have 3 blank columns for each plant row. The first column would be for that person' personal preference ranking from 1 through 5. 1 is highest preference. Second column is plant type. T=tree, TS= Tree small, SL Shrub Large, SM=Shrub Medium, SS, Shrub Small, P=Herbaceous perennial.  GC= Ground cover. Third column is E=Evergreen SE=Semi Evergreen, D=Deciduous.  We can use excel to sort the list for ease of selection.

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