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Before and after views of award winning deck and outdoor living area.

Before view showing main living area is the second floor

This was a community swimming pool! converted to a single family residence swimming pool

This landscape project won First Place for Residential design over $25k GNA1981.

One of the issues to be overcome was the transition from the main floor to the swimming pool that was 16 feet below.  I designed two story decks, multi level decks, gazebo, fencing, and patio to complement the existing swimming pool. The Gerard's needed substantial space to entertain up to 100 people on UGA bulldog football weekends.

We agreed on multiple spaces so the guests could congregate in smaller groups

Various views of award wiinning deck and outdoor living area with gazebo and bench seating.
State award winning mulit level deck and waterfalls meetng and wedding reception facility. This was one of my first award winning designs while attending the School of Environment and Design at the University of Georgia (see resume). 

This was a catering facility for hosting wedding receptions of up to 500 people. The owners asked me for a bid on a single level deck spanning the length of the building.  I showed them a design that was much better than they had imagined.  The multi level decks surround a multi level waterfall.  We pumped the water from the lake, through the waterfalls, under the deck, and back to the lake.

State award winning mulit level deck and waterfalls meetng and wedding reception facility.
Mulit level deck surrounding an infinity edge swimming pool aka vanishing edge or negative edge swimming poolMult level deck porch patio and swimming pool

< Mulit-level deck surrounding an infinity edge swimming pool aka vanishing edge or negative edge swimming pool

> This design started as a multi level deck design which evolved into a 2 story porch with multi level deck. The Carter's realized cost savings by making those decisions before deck construction began. > We considered an arbor as one of the many possibilities. before settling on the final design. Images of the completed deck and porches coming soon.

> State award winning multi level deck waterfalls pier bridge and gazebo in what was Kenny Rogers' estate in Colbert, GA.




<Multi level deck porch patio and swimming pool.

> View from under porch to swimming pool

 View to swimming pool from patio under deck
3D design gives you insights not possible by any other method

< 3D Deck design in AL  You may download the deck.pdf


>3d deck design stone path waterfall stream outdoor furniture back yard for L. Carter

>Two story 3D deck design>







>3d deck design with stone patios, paths, waterfall and pond>

3D Deck design of mulit level porch, deck and patio.



1.     House

1.1. Cut a hole in the foundation wall and install a vinyl clad argon filled sliding glass door.

2.     Deck 

2.1.  Remove existing deck.  You may leave the existing ledger if you determine it to be adequate.  Use sufficient sub structure so that the deck doesn’t shake or require posts within the perimeter.

2.2. Use Trex synthetic deck boards or equal for the deck and steps.

2.3. Use Below deck systems or equal to create a dry space under the deck.

2.4. Use decorators classic or equal throughout.  Use railing supports for spans exceeding 5 ft. as directed.

2.5. Use Ground contact rated 6x6 treated pine posts with cross bracing to stabilize deck steps and landings with minimum obstruction of view.

2.6. Use low maintenance; high durability PVC or other synthetic wood columns to hide steal support poles.

2.7. Addendum to drawings:  Install two variable speed, exterior grade paddle fans to the left and right of the proposed sliding glass doors.

3.     Wall

3.1. Use concrete block wall on a concrete footing.  Footing shall be no less than 8” thick by 18” wide.  Tie the wall to the footing with steel rebar no more than 3ft O.C.  Fill CMU voids with concrete to lock steel in place. Veneer the wall with stone to match existing.  Waterproof the outside of the wall. 

3.2. Place foundation drain at base of footing, connect to existing foundation drain, and daylight at the rear of the property, making sure to avoid the location of the swimming pool that will be built at a later date.

4.     Patio 

4.1. Remove existing concrete.  Excavate area so that the surface of the patio will be no less than 3” below basement floor.  Slope patio surfaces 2% to the Spee-D channel drain. 

5.     Drain

5.1. Use 4” wide NDS Spee-D channel drain with bottom spigots at both ends. Pipe to ditch in rear.  The top of the channel drain shall be approximately 10” below basement floor level.  Do not connect to foundation drain. NDS #400, 4 ft. PVC Spee-D Channel Drain with Inverse Flying buttress design, bottom flange, patented honeycomb reinforced walls and UV inhibitor.

5.2. Use 4” perforated corrugated pipe for all drain pipes.  Slope the bottom of the ditch at least 2% to the drainage easement at the rear of the property.  Make sure that you do not put pipes within 4ft of the proposed pool location.  Each pipe shall run to the drainage easement at the rear of the property.

5.3. Replace the existing drainpipe and place in the ditch with the new pipes.  Do not connect to any of the other pipes.

5.4. You may connect the 4” corrugated drainpipes to no less than two 8” drainpipes.

6.      Grade

6.1.   Surface grade shall slope away from the house foundation at 2”per 8ft linear dimension length of the property and shall not be joined to any other pipe.  The bottom of the ditch will be sloped continuously at a minimum 2% slope.

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