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Dr and Mrs. Burch have been clients and friends for 20+years during which, we have worked together on several landscape projects. We are using the latest in 3d landscape design. The place was overgrown, so we removed 58 trees (mostly overgrown Leyland cypress) and transplanted or pruned the overgrown shrubs.  So far, (June '07) nearly all of the transplanted shrubs are thriving despite the record drought due to our specialized transplant drip irrigation, which will include new landscaping as we install new landscape plantings this fall.
It has been by pleasure to work with David Childers for over 30 years now. His ideas are fresh and original to each job sight.Very creative, and resourceful. He stands by his work, and spends your money as if it were his. Our latest project, my personal home, is breath taking. We made the garden tour of homes!" Pattie Burch

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3D landscape design of a renovated private estate in Athens, GA They bought a large home which had been remodeled several times on an estate size lot within an established prestige neighborhood in Athens, GA.   As you will see, we found many spaces with great potential.  We met the day after closing, and I said "This is better than Christmas!"  because I look forward to each day with great anticipation.  The 40+ yr old house had a few problems among the many opportunities.  The steps and retaining walls were dangerous and falling apart.  We decided to go for a naturalistic, low maintenance, mountain stream rock garden, and waterfalls that will be attractive to wildlife.   Waterfall construction slide show

>Stone Drive  made of natural stone on crushed stone base. Faux stone stamped concrete  would have cost $30,000 for this drive.  We are building the real thing for half that much!  Boulderwalls, natural waterfalls, solid stone steps, stone patio, garden pond, and low maintenance river stone mulch, landscaping with various colors and textures, drip irrigation, and low voltage lighting.

See night lighting below

Recent image (07-2011)= 5 yrs planted

 Rear yard greenhouse, patio, and paths

This estate lot was planted 20 years ago by a gardener who didn't anticipate how large and imposing her plantings would become. This compound had been added several times including a very innovative multi use building including a  greenhouse, potting shed, poolhouse, bath house, and outdoor kitchen which separates the side yard from the swimming pool.  The existing concrete path directed traffic away from the creek and gave no opportunity to enjoy the undeveloped left over space.  We created a patio, sitting wall, and waterfall viewing area that has become a favorite spot.  We drained the standing water which has eliminated the mosquito swarms so the dappled shade of the hardwoods and the soothing sounds of the creek are enjoyed pest free.

Natural stream landscape design modular block retaining walls steps greenhouse patio riverstone mulch waterfalls
Waterfall in natural stream  We discovered a natural stream flowing through the property.  We researched the local and state codes and pertaining to state watershed protection before proceeding.  There was an old concrete block dam the previous owners built to impound irrigation water.  We demolished it and built a waterfall that you can walk across 30ft upstream from the original waterfall.  The watershed above this dam is 20+ acres, so the stream flow varies considerably.  We built a stand pipe and overflow channel similar to farm ponds and lakes.   We lined the stream with river stones and riverstone mulch to eliminate erosion while creating a beautifully naturalistic landscape.
stepping stones on top of  modular block waterfall in natural stream < Stone patio and view across creek. The stepping stones across the waterfall and pond provided an opportunity for a destination stone patio.  This stone patio is in the flood plane, so we made it without concrete or mortar.  We planted ajuga and other low growing groundcovers between the stones and around the riverstone mulch border.  The area is softened by naturalistic streamside landscape plantings.  The most important aspect of creating this comfortable naturalistic retreat was to eliminate the mosquitoes.  Standing water is where they breed.  We piped the puddles back to the creek.

< Stepping stones over dam  We created a walk over waterfall with retaining wall blocks and very large stepping stones spaced to allow water to flow between them during low flow, and over during high flow,  The stand pipe directs water under the waterfall during high stream flow.

<Swimming pool We removed oppressive vegetative wall and built a retaining wall on the steep slope which created a 15' x 20' level planting area and increased the visual area by over 50%.  We rounded off the square corners and added curves which increased the functionality and visual appeal.

> Swimming pool stone patio and fire pit  We replaced the grass with a stone patio, fire pit and wall fountain.

>Pool house  We found a 25 year old cabana and outdoor kitchen that was ahead of it's time when built.  We updated it in several ways.  We design projects in tropical regions where the insects would prevent enjoyment of the outdoors except for the invention of exterior grade fans. Mosquitoes can't fly in 5+mph breeze, so if you have fans, you don't need insect screens.
>Back steps to swimming pool and pool filters  We found the pool filters separated from the swimming pool by dangerous steps.  The trick was to design steps that connected all the spaces (creek, patio, swimming pool, and filters) in a safe and beautiful manner.  We used blocks in ways the manufacturers never dreamed of by trimming them where needed to create corners and curves of various radii.
survey planting plan lighting plan

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