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3D site planning and landscape design for grid tied, solar powered, country estate home using house plans, satellite photo, soils map, and GIS topography to create 3D surface model simulating grading and 3D landscape design. We are planning an energy efficient private estate incorporating many sustainable design technologies including PV solar power, Solar hot water, Geothermal, storm water reclamation, solar greenhouse, wild flower meadows, managed watershed, and managed timber.

< Conceptual design sketched on aerial photo with property lines and 2' topographical contours from county GIS website.

> Soil map indicates buildable soils, and wet soils.

<Traced contour lines in AutoCAD and add cart paths.

>Orient house 15d east of south to optimize solar panels and windows. We also considered winds, views, grading, etc.

<Revised 3D House design elevations

>3D model flattened to 2d and reinserted into AutoCAD for preparation of construction drawings.

< Rendered 3D landscape design model of front of house and major shade trees

>Rendered 3D landscape design model of view from proposed dam

<Rendered 3D landscape design model of view from stone patio on berm above swimming pool waterfalls.

>Rendered 3D landscape design model of view from path leading from lake to rear of house and swimming pool.

<Rendered 3D landscape design model of view from bottom of steps leading from front to swimming pool and waterfalls patio greenhouse.

>Aerial view of rendered 3D landscape design.

<Overall site plan

>House area dimension and grading plan

<Front yard landscape planting plan

>Rear yard landscape planting plan

>Rear elevation for pool construction details.

<Swimming pool design plan and construction details.

> Side elevation for rain water reclamation and waterfall details.

<Apply Google Earth image as texture to surface model and drape AutoCAD poly lines onto surface model

Apply textures to delineated areas to identify paved areas, wild flower meadows, planting beds, paddocks, and sod

Insert 3D model of house and 3D landscaping onto 3D surface model

>Composite 3D model inserted into Google Earth.  We will delineate the roads, paths, and cleared edges in Google Earth waypoints for export to hand held GPS device.


I will build a life size 3D model of your new property and home so that we can walk around together online within the model for the purpose of designing your swimming pool and landscaping.  I can create the model in less time than traveling to your location, which doesn't preclude a site visit if we decide it would be worthwhile. To that end, I need:
  • survey with contour lines or the best available information showing your property lines, such as the GIS shown below.
  • Main level floor plan + basement plan if there is one
  • 4 side elevations if they are available.
  • If the building(s) are at least framed, I would like to have images of each facade and each corner taken from a distance far enough to capture the entire building in a single image.

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